Francois Cote (co-supervised by Prof. Warren Gross)

Pavel Sinha (co-supervised by Prof. Zeljko Zilic)

Alexander Fernandes

Ahmed Elmeligy


Muhammed Safa

Chrouk Kassem

Venkata Naga Sai Praneeth Atmouri



Mingzhe Zhang, MEng

Flexible Hybrid Beamforming Approaches in Massive MIMO Systems

Onur Karatalay, PhD (co-supervised by Prof. Benoit Champagne)

Energy-Efficient Synchronization and Resource Allocation Strategies for Device-to-Device Communications


Christopher Harper, MEng

Complex-valued Neural Networks with Kernelized Activation Functions and Adaptive Dictionaries

Yukta Thapliyal, MEng

Self-supervised Super-resolution of Ultrasound Images


Matthew Perreault-Jenkins, MEng

A Study of Similarity Measures for Natural Language Processing as Applied to Candidate-Project Matching

Olivier Couillard, MEng

Fast and Flexible Optimization of Power Allocation in Wireless Communication Systems Using Neural Networks


Ahmed Abouelfadl, PhD (co-supervised by Prof. Benoit Champagne)

Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Cognitive Radar Systems

Yimeng Wu, MEng

Lumen and Media Segmentation in IVUS Images with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks


Ayoub Saab, MEng (co-supervised by Prof. Benoit Champagne)

Efficient Group-Sparse Transceiver Design for Multiuser MIMO Relaying in C-RAN

Lei Zhang, MEng

A Deep Learning Approach for Wireless Power Allocation

Nikesh Muthukrishan, MEng

Semi-supervisedLearning for Inbalanced Data using 2nu-SVM


Ardavan Salehi Nobandegani, PhD

The Minimalist Mind: On Minimality in Learning, Reasoning, Action, and Imagination

Hongzhi Zhu, MEng

Statistical modeling and tracking of artery wall motion in ultrasound images

Syed Khalid Hussain, MEng

Adaptive Analog Beamforming


David Tetreault-LaRoche, MEng (co-supervised by Prof. Benoit Champagne)

Study of Distributed Pulse-Based Synchronization in Device-to-Device Networks

Nadim Badra, MEng (co-supervised by Prof. Benoit Champagne)

Robust and Secure Beamformer Design for MIMO Relaying with Imperfect Eavesdropper CSI

Mahmoud Watfa, MEng

Semi-supervised atherosclerotic plaque identification based on ultrasound images

Daniel Galeano Granado, MEng

Indoor Dynamic Identification of Paths Using Recurrent Neural Networks and Wi-Fi

Ivan Tinjaca, MEng

Sparse channel estimation for Massive MIMO using non-orthogonal pilots

Konstantinos Papadopoulos, MEng

Channel Estimation For Large MIMO Systems Under Hardware Impairments


Ahmad Rashid, MEng (co-supervised by Roussos Dimitrakopoulos)

Semi-supervised learning on graphs with applications in mining image reconstruction

Minglu Zhao, MEng

Recursive Bayesian Estimation Methods for Nonlinear Models


Maryam Vala, MEng

Channel estimation of highly sparse UWB channels

Jad Kabbara, MEng

Kernel adaptive filtering algorithms with improved tracking ability


Fang Shang, PhD (co-supervised by Prof. Benoit Champagne)

Channel Estimation Algorithms for UWB systems

Saeed Abdallah, PhD

Channel Estimation for Ampilify and Forward Relay Systems

Stefanos Koskinas, MEng

Denoising using randomized matching pursuit: Algorithm improvements and GPU implementation.


Jun Zhang, MEng

Distributed Beamforming in Wireless MIMO Relay Networks in the Present of Interference

Wadood Yahyah, MEng (co-supervised by Prof. Roussos Dimitrakopoulos)

Image reconstruction from a limited number of samples: A matrix-completion-based approach


Shahrad Ali, MEng

Compressed Sensing-based Detection of UWB Signal

Salehi Nobandegani Ardavan, MEng

Spectrum Sensing for Markovian Sources


Lawrence Brian, MEng

Adaptive beamforming for high-data-rate wireless systems

Mohammad Chakroun, MEng

Compressed Sensing-based channel estimation in UWB systems

Francois Cote, MEng (co-supervised by Prof. Warren Gross)

GNSS Modulation: A Unified Statistical Description with Application to Tracking Bounds


Ren Wu, PhD

Multiple-antenna Wireless Communications: Detection and Estimation with Smart Antennas, and Space-Time Code Design Considerations

Nian Xiang Zeng, PostDoc (co-supervised by Prof. Ali Ghrayeb - Concordia University)


Saeed Abdallah, MEng

Widely Linear Minimum Variance Channel Estimation with Application to MC-CDMA Systems

Mehdi Ghayour, MEng

Enhancements to the sample-matrix inversion based minimum-variance distortionless response detectors in CDMA systems

Shahrokh Nayeb-Nazar, PhD

Blind Channel Estimation and Single-User Detection for Multi-Carrier and Spread-Spectrum Systems with Transmit Diversity


Michael Robinson, MEng

Robust Minimum Variance Robust Beamforming with Multiple Response Constraints

Mohanad Ismail, MEng

Symbol Timing Synchronization in Multiple Antenna Systems over Rayleigh and Ricean Flat-Fading Channels


Eugene Nicolov, MEng

Blind Channel Estimation without Channel Ambiguity for Single-Rate and Multi-Rate Space-Time Block Coded CDMA Systems

Samer Lutfi, MEng

WLAN-to-Cellular Handoff strategies for VoIP calls


Otto Fonseca Escudero, MEng

Approximation Methods for the Bit Error Rate Performance Analysis of Wireless Communication Systems